September 20 - The Modern Shift Begins: Reinhardt, Appia, and Craig


Primary Sources

Adolphe Appia, Chaps. 1-8 in The Work of Living Art p. 1-81 (PDF)

Edward Gordon Craig, "The Actor and the Übermarionette," in On the Art of Theatre p.54-94 (PDF and ePUB)

Secondary Sources

Oscar Brockett, "Chapter Eight: Modernism," Making the Scene p.224-239 (reserve book) Making the Scene

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James Laver "Max Reinhardt: Eclecticism and 'The Producer'," in Drama: Its Costume & Decor p. 230-8 (PDF)


Adolphe Appia, "Foreword" and "Part I:The Mise-en-Scène as Means of Expression" in Music and the Art of the Theatre p.ix-xiii, 1-104 (PDF and ePUB)

Selections from Twentieth Century Theatre: A Sourcebook (reserve book)

  • Adolphe Appia
    • "From A New Art-Material" (pp. 14-15)
    • "From How to Reform Our Staging Practics" (pp. 15-16)
    • "From How to Reform Our Staging Pratices" (pp. 237-239)
  • Edward Gordon Craig
    • "From Rearrangements" (pp. 17-18)
    • "From Study for Movement" (pp. 240-1)
    • "From The Artists of the Theatre of the Future" (pp. 241-2)

Lee Simonson, "Day-Dreams: The Case of Gordon Craig," and "Aesthetic Principles: The Ideas of Adolphe Appia" in The Stage is Set. (pp. 272-380) (reserve bok)

Motivator Post and Images

Motivator 1: Einav