Course Files

Adolphe Appia, Music and the Art of the Theatre Whole Book PDF, Whole Book ePUB

Christopher Baugh, "Chap. 1: Performing Great Exhibitions," in Theatre, Performance, and Technology

Walter Benjamin "Work of Art in its Age of Technological Reproduction"

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Ned A. Bowman, " Investing a Theatrical Ideal: Wagner's Bayreuth 'Festspielhaus'," in Educational Theatre Journal.

Oscar Brockett, "Chapter Seven: Realism and Naturalism," in Making the Scene

Edward Gordon Craig. "Actor and Übermarionette" in On the Art of the Theatre. Whole Book PDF, Whole Book ePUB

James Laver. "Eclecticism and 'The Producer'" in Drama, Its Costume & Décor. Whole Book PDF

Susan Allene Manning, “An American Perspective on Tanztheater,” The Drama Review: TDR 30, no. 2 (July 1, 1986): 57-79.

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Richard Wagner, "Outlines of The Art-Work of the Future," in Multimedia: From Wagner to Virtual Reality

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